Stacey Singer
Keeping + Growing Clients
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Helping agencies
keep + grow business

Nothing hurts an agency’s morale and bottom line more than the constant cycle of pitching, winning, losing and re-pitching business. I have seen hard-fought wins turn into losses more quickly than I could have ever imagined and almost always for reasons that could have been foreseen and avoided. I know this because I have lived it. I successfully led numerous agencies over the past 25 years—from a 3-person start-up to a 1,000 person turn-around. I built and managed an industry-leading global Client Satisfaction Center of Excellence for the world’s largest marketing communications company and truly understand what matters most to clients. I oversaw operations for a large, integrated network and recognize the importance of aligning the internal organization around the client goals and agency mission.

If you are losing business, have a troubled account, or an under-performing office, I can help. If you are growing and want to make sure you keep what makes you special, I can help. I have proven solutions for quick wins as well as long-term change.

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