Stacey Singer
Keeping + Growing Clients


Client Retention and Growth Specialist

The Win-Loss Cycle

Agencies dedicate tremendous resources to winning new business. They have new business teams, consultants, dashboards and databases. New business is important. It often generates break-through ideas and positive press. And it is exhilarating--—there is senior involvement, creative star power, well-rehearsed case studies, big budgets and little client involvement or limitations. 

Few agencies dedicate the same resources or rigor to retaining or growing business.  Current clients are less exciting. Senior leaders are less involved. Budgets are fixed. Staffing is a challenge. There are real-world limitations and frustrations.

Most agencies also assume that their teams know what needs to be done or that success is based on satisfactory delivery of the work. The frequent turn-over of business suggests that neither is true. 

After the Win

The skills and behavior needed to win business are very different than those required to keep and grow business. Agencies can learn these proven techniques and integrate them into the organization for immediate improvements and lasting success.

For current clients, the focus must be on their agency experience. While this includes the quality of work, it is primarily a reflection of the way the agency behaves in both critical moments and everyday interactions that can earn the clients’ loyalty, trust and confidence or whittle it away. In short, clients may not remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel.  

Keeping and Growing Business

My work includes a range of activities from embedding myself in a troubled account to identifying agency strengths and pain points and developing solutions for quick improvement and long-term change. I can develop an agency or network-wide client satisfaction program or help you get the most out of your existing program. I can work with you on an account, office, network or holding company level.